My kind of randomness – an introduction to me

Nowadays it’s certainly popular to have your own blog, and I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time. But I could never figure out what one topic I wanted to focus on. I have several friends with blogs – about dating, teaching, running, fashion, etc. But I kept putting off starting my own because I was afraid of tying myself down to just one subject.

I’m a person who has a lot of interests and also finds lots of things interesting. I also have a tendency to be a little blunt at times and say something that someone might find hurtful. And I definitely don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. In the meantime, more time kept passing. More friends kept starting blogs, and there I was, still thinking about it.

Then it hit me this morning – can’t I be the Seinfeld of the blogosphere (minus the comedy, my humor is very subtle, and I’ve resigned myself, probably won’t be detectable in print)? A blog about nothing in particular, like a show about nothing in particular.

I had just read an article that inspired a long internal thought session, as my boyfriend and I were not getting along so I was home alone and didn’t have anyone to discuss the article with. I realized that I should just jump in and start a blog about whatever I happened to be passionate about at that moment. It wouldn’t have to be a life-long commitment. And to give myself the freedom to say what I want, I’d keep it anonymous, except for a few stats to give my readers a little more insight to where I’m coming from.

I’m a single female from Texas – born and raised. I have lived in a few others places as an adult and also traveled to several places. Since travel is something I’m passionate about, I’m sure there’ll be entries on travel in the future. I love to read, watch movies, listen to music and work on crafts. I’m a life-long lover of learning. I hope that by starting this blog, I’ll be able to find a few people who also like to exchange ideas and we can have a grown-up conversation about various matters.

Thanks for reading! Can’t wait to see where this goes!


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